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Coming 2024
Coleman Television UK and USA Documentary and Video Producers

History's Greatest Aircraft

History’s Greatest Aircraft is a series that takes a look at some of the most impressive technical marvels of engineering to have ever taken off into the sky. Each episode delves into a different aircraft that has seen service in armed conflicts to analyse its service history and recount some of its most legendary stories. In getting up close and personal with surviving versions of the original planes, this series provides a fascinating look into the past and how history can influence the future. We are now in pre-production for series 3.

Gentleman Racer

1958: Steve is left a paternal orphan at birth, but incredibly his father, race driver training legend Jim Russell, actually meets him once, him when he’s hours old, because he’s in THE SAME HOSPITAL recovering from his Le Mans GP injuries. 


Forty years later they are reunited, then sixty plus years later (2021) Steve he buys his late Dads old race car and sets out to learn to be a race driver. All set against the backdrop of historic Gentlemen’s GP racing as we follow the circus.

Coleman Television UK and USA Documentary and Video Producers

Nazi's Lost Squadron

Coleman Television UK and USA Documentary and Video Producers

As the Nazi regime faltered in early 1944, the Luftwaffe were called to put on a show of force in Hungary, supporting a Budapest military parade designed to reinforce that Germany and it’s armies were still in charge. Eight of the Luftwaffe's crack 109 fighter pilots took off, buzzed the parade and illustrated their mastery of the air - flying off from the Hungarian capital over the Mountains beyond, heading for their home base. The aircraft and their pilots were never seen again, sparking a decades long mystery - were they shot down, ran out of fuel, defected to the allies or was their fate altogether more grim?


75 years later some remnants of the aircraft began to reappear. 


We join one of the worlds foremost 109 experts, pilots and restorers, as he travels to the mountains in an incredible, life changing attempt to recreate what happened on that fateful day. We also join him his secret restoration facility in the north of the country, as one recovered wrecks from that very flight takes shape once again and prepares for its first flight since it disappeared so mysteriously.

D-Day Archive 

We follow the events and preparations leading up to D-Day and with full archive footage and voices from the people that were there. We go into the bloody battles on each beach head on the day then follow the soldiers that claim back land deep into France. 

d-day landings by Coleman Television UK and USA Documentary and Video Producers
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