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nik coleman

Nik, our CEO, has 40 years experience in broadcast media worldwide. From being a nightclub DJ in his late teens, Nik has spent his career exploring radio and TV journalism and marketing, until forming Coleman Television in 2005. 

Nik debuted Coleman Television worldwide with the hugely successful Plane Resurrection series.


Ellie, our Managing Director, has been with Coleman Television for 8 years, making her directorial debut in 2020 with shows for Yesterday and Channel 4.

Ellie heads up the production team for some incredible projects in 2023, including Uri Geller's remarkable series  and special  programme for the 60th anniversary of the assassination 

of John F Kennedy.


Luke joined us in 2020 and was appointed Production Director in 2021. As with all the Creative Team, Luke shoots, edits and produces, and is overseeing our 2023 production schedule, totalling almost 60 hours of programming. Luke is the unflappable vital last link in our chain from edit suite to Broadcaster, covering projects in the UK and USA.

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Byron is our Lead Editor, and part of our cinematography team, tackling some of our most challenging documentaries. He masterminded the creative of our acclaimed UFO mystery series & has shaped the look and feel of History's Greatest Warbirds. Working between the UK & USA,  Byron has a full schedule ahead in 2023 on both sides of the Atlantic


Liv joined us at the start of 2023 as part of our graduate training scheme, working primarily on pre-production. An Alumni of Lincolnshire University Liv has quickly settled into the role, flowing between research on fast jets, background on historical characters and ensuring our content is fact checked before it leaves the building.


Our long time in house historian and the driving force providing the factual background for many of our shows. Ian also frequently appears on Plane Resurrection, History's Greatest Aircraft and other history used shows. He’s a legend within the aviation community as well as a successful author.

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Rachel BULL

After a five year stretch with the company Rachel took a sabbatical in 2021 whilst she travelled and developed her own photography business. Refreshed and with new perspective, she returned to CTV with an emphasis on developing our online presence, alongside a return to new creative production and editing.


Managing Director of our sister company, Fabulous Media, Sarah sits on our Executive Board and can often to be found advising on our new projects. She’s the co-creator and Producer of our first co-prod, ’Sew Fabulous’ for 2023/4. She's also responsible in part for the pastoral care of our graduates and interns.

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Sewall Cutler

Sewall 'Spike' Cutler, our expert lawyer and a 20+ year colleague of the Directors, keeps us on the straight and narrow, as our counsel and legal advisor. He makes sure everything we produce is legal, proper and decent, like him, and he’s also the only one of us with a Pilots Licence!

Dr David
j hall

Long time collaborator Dave Hall, Award winning CEO, long term 'student of the mind'  has our wide ranging remit as 'co-creator'. David, already known worldwide for his on screen work in the 'Final Evidence' series, and as the voice of 'Historys Greatest Aircraft, now expands his creativity to drive new engaging projects such as 2023's 'Atom Bombs for Everyione'

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OU alumni Noelle joins us from a stint at OCCC working with legendary Producer and mentor Gray Frederickson (The Godfather) and is tasked with operations and project management at our Redlands Community College Production Campus in El Reno, Oklahoma. Noelle aims to produce her first solo CTV series in 2023.

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Steve consults for the company in the USA. He brings his extensive experience as a regional film commissioner to exciting and innovative projects in  broadcast, theatrical distribution and online platforming. Steve is a writer and producer in his own right, currently developing a Hollywood movie concept!


Ellie joined us at the start of 2023 as a further member of our graduate training scheme, working primarily on edit production. A Graduate of Norwich University of The Arts, Ellie majored in fashion media but has quickly turned her eye to a whole variety of subjects, working with Byron and the edit team to bring our ideas to life every day.

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Our youngest United States recruit, Hayden joined us, literally, from work on the set of 

Sylvester Stallone's 'Tulsa Kings'.

He's thrown himself into production, filming and editing at our USA based his enthusiasm is matched only by his 

determination to enjoy

 everything life throws at him!

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