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Being Pastor Danny

Pastor Danny Hart is the heart of Legacy Community Church, El Reno, 25 miles outside of Oklahoma City.

Legacy Community Church has provided state subsidised childcare and education successfully, without complaint since 2015.


Until the Department of Human Services tried to shut them down suddenly in 2022.

Danny protests his childcare facility has done nothing wrong, so determined to prove his innocence, Pastor Danny withdrew his education setting from DHS licensing and now states he is simply ministering to the children in typical schooling hours.

DHS investigations are on a mission to shut him down, but have they overstepped the mark? Can they prove it?

Can Pastor Danny protect his children and his facility on state protected land?

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The Missing

There are 253 people registered as missing in Oklahoma. 220 of them are Native Americans, 200 are women.

Disappeared, untraceable, because the authorities have no statistics, formal structure or capability to accurately follow the cases through and reunite these people with their families - at best - or provide closure at worst.

A new Senate Bill provides funding of a Federal database for these people, but that is just a scratch on the surface. 

One women walked away from her family in 2015 and disappeared into thin air, leaving her four children.  She is Ida Beard. A Cheyenne and Arapaho tribeswoman, who stands for every Native American. The Missing will tell her story, and bring into the light the story of every woman, missing in what is close to an epidemic.

The series hears the voices of those campaigning for justice, those trying to change law, and families carrying out their own investigations where law enforcement has failed them.

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