History's Greatest Race Cars

Compelling, dramatic, visually stunning and above all LOUD, ‘History’s Greatest Race Cars’, series one, is an adventure into the world of millionaires, mechanics and motors that re-live the glory years of motorsport in Europe and the USA.

Not so with these cars. Those who can afford it take the greatest race cars in history, restore them in minute detail to their exact race specification, and then take them back to the track to compete in events specifically designed for the cars of the period - the ‘Masters’ series, competing at legendary race tracks across Europe and the USA, where no quarter is given. 

Coleman Television has gained exclusive access to the largest operator of Masters Race cars in the world - CGA Race engineering, as they prepare their stable of 25+ million dollar racers for well funded - and fast - owners.

An incredible behind he scenes look at the construction, preparation and racing of these cars, and their sometime larger than life drivers. Unique access to a very secretive world of race preparation played out stunningly on screen.

Status: In Early Production. 


Uri Gellers Museum: 

Mind Bending Artefacts

Status: In Development, Production to start Summer 2021


How Football Won the War

Football was been the lifeblood of Saturday afternoons for decades. From local football matches in the early 1900s to  precious lockdown viewing in 2020.

Football has always been a large part of British culture, and this was still the case throughout both World Wars.


World War 1 saw thousands of young men conscripted, and take football to the trenches. Playing football to keep fit and boost morale. Famously bringing two sides of the trenches together in 1914, the Christmas Truce - a game of football played during a temporary ceasefire between the UK and Germany.


World War Two was no exception; football was taken to war as a training tool. It stayed at home to boost morale, it changed law, and changed the face of British Football, forever


The Football Association had grown, league football had grown, supporters had grown in huge numbers, and football professionals had become household names, celebrities. 


With the outbreak of the Second World War, men, once again were conscripted to help with the war effort, both abroad and at home.


This is the story of how those footballers, won the war.

Status: In Development open for pre sales


Gentleman Racer

A fascinating story set against the backdrop of the Historic Grand Prix circus in the UK and Europe.


We follow legendary aircraft and car restorers Hawker Racing. Founder Tony Ditheridge - a real character, take their newest recruit from raw novice to racer. The twist? Their ‘novice’ is the 60 year old son of race school legend Jim Lomas, and he’s acquired and will be driving his father’s 1960’s GP car. Jim's son was separated at brith from his father and didn't meet him again until a few years ago, before Jims death.


Great story, lovely people and the gentleman racers of the Historic Grand Prix paddock as the supporting players, including race action.

Status: In Early Production