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Secrets of a FOLK DANCER


10-year-old Rein is a happy country boy - he lives in a beautiful home among the forests of Estonia, attends a small country school and dances with his parents in a folk dance group. On a beautiful summer's day, they perform at the Pere Folk Dance Festival in Pärnu County. An idyllic day at the festival for Rein comes to a sad end when he discovers that his family life is changing and they will soon be moving to London.

When 17-year-old Rein discovers a group of Estonian folk dancers practising in London, he joins them in secret knowing that his cool skateboarding friends would not approve of this hobby and new community of dance friends of various ages. Rein's dad is Estonian and mother Filipino and what starts off as Rein's simple wish to dance and connect to his dad's culture, very quickly becomes a double life that he is struggling to maintain.

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Director & Co Writer: Teele Dunkley

Executive Producer: Nick Barton

Producer: Lesley Van Dijk

Co-writer: Stephan Drury 

Stars: Anton Kamillus, Ria Lina,

Reimo Sagor.

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