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Coleman Television is an Independent Production Company working with some of the worlds leading broadcasters, creating innovative, compelling programming from production bases in the UK and USA.


Sony Award winning CEO Nik Coleman has worked in the Broadcast industry for over 40 years, the last two decades specialising in TV.


In 2015 Ellie Coleman followed her father into the business, at first in Production, and then becoming Managing Director, and together they have produced a catalogue of Documentary TV and Films aired across the world, on channels and platforms including History Channel, Yesterday, Channel 4. PBS, BBC Alba, Canal+, RTL, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Nik and Ellie have brought together a young, innovative and experienced team with huge skills, and produced content that stretches from the outer limits of the universe - UFOs, Extra Terrestrials and Government cover ups, through to the gritty reality of war and loss - the liberation of Europe, and the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women.


Our catalogue of history, sci-fi, real story and anniversary documentary programming expands 50 hours and can be viewed across the world.

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