Coleman Television Ltd, founded in 2005, is an independent production company based in Norfolk and Northampton.


We have a USA company, Coleman Television LLC, with bases in Oklahoma City and Dallas.

Sony Award winning CEO Nik Coleman has worked in the Broadcast industry for over 40 years and in the last 15 years expanded into Film and Television.


In 2017 Ellie Milton-White joined the team as Production Director, and together they have produced a catalogue of Documentary TV and Films aired across the world, on channels and platforms including, History Channel, Yesterday, Channel 4. PBS, Canal+, RTL, and Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Nik and Ellie have brought together a young team with huge skills, and produced content for both broadcast platforms, and non profit organisations wanting to explore and seek audiences that otherwise they would not have reached.

We work closely with our distribution team at Espresso Media, who look after a catalogue of our titles..


A few of our current titles currently in production and pre sales;

B-52 - History's Greatest Bomber

Foo Fighters: Then and Now

Voices of War

Escape from Loch Ness

History's Greatest Warbirds

Women in Aviation


The Lost Years of WW2

For any further information of any of titles, please don't hesitate to contact us